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Amazing Bathrooms around the world

Ahh some inspiration for you……A gold toilet whatever next!!

Take a look at Concierge.coms finds as they travelled the world looking for amazing bathrooms…Do you have a favorite?

When you’re on the road travelling and, oh, so very far from your own home, sometimes nature’s call can be almost shrill. After all, concern over finding a good bathroom—call it toilet anxiety— can take on heightened overtones. We’ve all heard the grim stories that usually start (and end) with an ill-smelling hole in the ground. So, we’ve done the legwork for you, dredging up the classiest, the funkiest (wait, we mean that in a good way), and most entertaining restrooms on this globe. Whether they have a 14-karat bidet or a one-way mirror looking onto a busy street, we promise pleasant experiences that will help with the flow. All we ask in return? Kindly wash your hands on the way out….read more


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